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Waxing is semi-permanent hair removal that eliminates hair from a given area for about four to six weeks. Almost any area of the body can undergo waxing, including arms, backs, and abdomens. Waxing should never be performed without a professional, as amateur waxing can cause irritation or infection.

Waxing sounds painful, but it can be highly beneficial. It will reduce your hair growth as time passes and give your skin a noticeable new feel. When you hire meticulous and caring professionals to handle your body waxing concerns, you are assured of obtaining the utmost comfort and quality. At Polish and Pamper, we provide a variety of waxing services in Mesa, AZ that are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Our warm honey bee wax is approved and soothing for even the most sensitive of skin types. Our specialists are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction, and they will perform any body hair waxing that you require. We handle eyebrows, lips, fingers or toes, chins, arms, legs, underarms, and much more. We even provide bikini and Brazilian waxing.

There is only one thing that we care about more than customer service, and that is affordable prices. We believe that everyone deserves waxing that they can afford, so our team works hard to provide realistic prices on a daily basis. When you visit our body waxing facility in Mesa, AZ, you know that you will find professionals who will work hard to adapt to your personal finances.

Our waxing gives you great results 100% of the time! Head on over to Polish and Pamper!

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